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A new way to think about senior housing referrals

Your highest converting referrals will always
come from your residents and staff!

Your story
should be told

Your story is one of the most powerful sales tools your company has to connect with potential residents, resident's families, and your staff. It transforms data points about your organization into a narrative that resonates on a  human level. When passionately told, your story will sell your community and your company. 

No one potentially tells your story better than the people that already live with you and work for you.

About us

With experience in community operations, corporate strategy, and the technology side of the Senior Housing industry, we really have seen it all. One thing that has always been crystal clear about our industry is, the folks living and working for us are always the best brand advocates.

Senior Housing Referral will help you create internal brand advocates and show them how to tell your story.

At Senior Housing Referral we are singularly focused on helping you convert potential residents into happy residents.

We assist senior housing companies in generating excitement about your communities and your brand from the inside.

We believe when genuine brand excitement comes from inside, that's when the outside world takes notice.

Isn't it time to incentivize all the salespeople in your organization?  

Resident and staff referrals have move-in rates between 25% and 50%...They are some of the best salespeople in your organization and usually provide the best leads. Rarely is any effort is put toward providing these passionate salespeople with the tools or proper incentives to
actively promote your brand.

We want to help you craft a sales-based narrative. That narrative will provide your residents and staff with the needed tools to easily present your brand story as well as easily submit referrals. 

Our goals are achievable 

Putting processes and systems in place that make referring potential residents easy. 
  Collaborate, create, and design internal messaging that unites all levels of your company.
Assist in aligning all company departments in a simple and easy to tell story.

    Create a stealthy, passionate, and incentivized salesforce built on the belief in your company.
   Pay referral fees directly to the people who truly believe in your company and brand. 

Take the first step toward the highest converting referrals!

Let's have a conversation about how internal marketing can create external results. 

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